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Skin Biopsy


Skin lesions such as moles and skin tags are fairly common and can occur almost anywhere on the face and body. You will need to attend a consultation with a Doctor to assess the best way to treat your skin lesion.

Unless removed by a professional, skin lesions such as; birthmarks and moles will always be present as a natural part of the skin. These types of skin lesions are usually inherited and are commonly present from birth. Other form of skin lesions like warts, scarring, cysts and skin tags tend to develop with age.

Both moles and prominent skin lesions such as warts, cysts and skin tags are removed by the Gold Standard Laser Therapy. For much smaller skin lesions like; actinic keratoses, solar keratoses (caused by years of sun damage) and molluscum contagiosum we use Cryotherapy and Cauterization. This method simply freezes the growth using liquid nitrogen. It destroys the skin lesion and is a quick and effective treatment to reveal even skin.

The area is softened and the complexion reveals a smooth and clear appearance.

Our clinics are home to an international team of Cosmetic Praciticioners committed to delivering excellence well supported by Gold Standard Cosmetic Lasers. If you wish to have a skin lesion removed to improve your appearance, then we are here for you.

Book a complimentary consultation or call us today and talk with a member of our team.

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